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this is my first video on youtube….. first go on metro web (internet on the phone) then search “fun for mobile” then it will be the first on on google, which says free ringtones, logos…

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Alex Gallegos says:

    myyyyyyy gooooooddd this phone! <3 so much memories !

  2. setitoffboyz19320 says:

    Man me 2 bra same i got a free form 3 n dont work dats bull shit but good

  3. Brandon R says:

    i dont have the R410 but it worked for me… 😀 thank you very much for
    this. i was so frustrated looking for a free website to get ringtones for
    free without signing up or anything lol

  4. PSFREAK352 says:

    why dosnt it work for me it says unsuppoerted type i got the lg imprint

  5. eXoKiLLA95 says:

    ur fuking dope haha thanks subbed

  6. bongster96 says:

    kid you rule!!!

  7. MsLexizz says:

    We Hve Tne Same Phone XD

  8. mrssamanthaeason says:

    you’re awesome kid! THANK YOU!

  9. BriannaSour says:

    i cant download 🙁

  10. YTKEerrday says:

    lol this kid recorded his video on a washing machine