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Links: -Modaco: http://www.Blade.modaco.com -Modaco Guide: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blade-roms-rom-customisation/319831/15-jan-guide-installing-…

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25 Responses so far.

  1. Arun Pero says:

    @ark906 use Swedish Spring Rom is the best for daily use.. btw u will find
    some battery drain in 1st, ignore it for few days and let the ROM settle a

  2. Jennon Freeman says:

    @Lemuq To be honest, those gloves are thin and i was pushing super hard.
    But if you press hard enough it will register. and who knows maybe im like
    electro-conductive boy or something! 😛

  3. h4mza786 says:

    Why are you wearing gloves?

  4. Uber BARBIE says:

    @jennonf thanks very much matey. you have a good day now ya hear ;D this
    fone by the way is uber. is there any way of making the games run better do
    you know as i downloaded some emulators and the worst ones to run funny
    enough are the nes games. strange lol.

  5. jim morgan says:

    Are you invisible? Is that the reason for the gloves?

  6. Eric Carter says:

    Launcher pro with this 2.2 update on the san francisco makes the home
    screen run incredibly smoothly.

  7. Uber BARBIE says:

    @jennonf thanks alot brother. 😉 your the man,keep posting ya videos they

  8. Jennon Freeman says:

    @leogets2006 The only solutions I can think of is either A. Doing an
    overclock mod on the CPU (look on modaco) or B. Finding a stable emulator
    that runs smoothly

  9. snowbabe007 says:

    We all want to know why you are wearing gloves? It is distracting and
    becomes the sole focus of the viewers attention – rather than what you are
    trying to convey….

  10. Paul Gillen says:

    why r u wearing gloves

  11. Jennon Freeman says:

    @ark906 There are some links in the Modaco guide in the description. 🙂

  12. ShaneLeonardoPannell says:

    Some people achieve a clock speed of 750, but the most stable area seems to
    be 720, each phone is unique and each processor will differ from another in
    clock speed, but most poeple clock to 720 without a problem, mines at 720
    and on 2.2,(Japanese jellyfish) and i also followed the guide on modaco to
    do this. Whats really shocking though is its not so much the overclocked
    processor that speeds up your phone, but the jump to 2.2 .

  13. GglSux says:

    @devilmaycry316619 Hmm sounds a bit suspicious…. Why would a modded ROM
    (or any ROM for that matter) drain the batteries “for a few days” and then
    “settle”. It’s not like its an “organic thing”, either it’s doing something
    during that time that it doesn’t do later and then U’d like to know “what”
    or it should have the same “battery performance” from the get go as it has
    during later use… Could You please explain why this would be the case.
    Thx aforehand

  14. Uber BARBIE says:

    is all this legal? i mean if i do this and end up bricking my fone will it
    then redeem my rights for a refund or exchange?

  15. Jennon Freeman says:

    @h4mza786 Im not too sure…. i take them off after

  16. Cdc Zeo says:

    Do not do anything like this .Now days i have android 4.2.2

  17. djgridiron says:

    you stole the phone didnt you

  18. I00I000II0I00I0I says:

    My San Francisco used to have Android version 1.6, now it has the latest
    4.2.2 due to the AWESOME PACman ROM! Check XDA Developers or Modaco to find

  19. Stefan Carey says:

    Many thanks!

  20. Jennon Freeman says:

    @leogets2006 It is legal, Android is an open source OS. However it will
    void your warranty if you send it back with the unofficial ROM installed,
    if you install the Orange ROM before sending it back your warranty is still
    valid. As for bricking the phone, the chances are very slim, it is a
    relatively safe procedure.

  21. Henri Lawrance says:

    You should take the gloves off after you nick peoples phones, makes you
    looks suspicious otherwise.

  22. Paul Gillen says:

    i got an FTM sign when iwas putting it in recovory mode! plz help me!!!

  23. swampfire786 says:

    my build number end in 10….???

  24. emptyvessel1986 says:

    i have a question if you install a rom does that mean that you have
    everything what the rom provides and thats it or does it mean that you can
    still do everything that you would on a normal un romed phone eg internet
    brwsing and downloading apps from store etc,

  25. MiniMafia007 says:

    My bulid number ends in 10