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How to Load Music To ZTE Agent

Posted on November/13/2010 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

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9 Responses so far.

  1. watsonopeti14 says:

    can you use i tunes to down load song to your phone

  2. atbsfia says:

    Thanks, man by seeing this video my cousin and I finally figured this out!

  3. lorvyne says:

    thanks for the tip man

  4. 214truema says:

    so evrything is erased on the phone as videos and pics wen formatting?

  5. tigeress915 says:

    @Emoelmodaughter yea I was like x_x what..? XDD Cuz I did sync with my mom’s phone and it worked

  6. Emoelmodaughter says:

    it didnt work and i hate this stupid nokia 512mb microsd card

  7. Emoelmodaughter says:

    um one thing i dont have a mp3 file

  8. Emoelmodaughter says:

    @tigeress915 ikr if u sync it wont be up there

  9. juu90 says:

    Was that some afi i heard playing at the end!?!?