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16 Responses so far.

  1. May Leaf says:

    flashing green light, can’t turn off, any tips please?

  2. Mr.Murkful says:

    The video that started it all 🙂
    Keep it up man :)

  3. derpyninja says:

    Cool video

  4. derpyninja says:

    Cool video

  5. antoinette julienne says:

    Got a Blade in JB for a year now and its smoothly fine.

  6. EpicGamingHD says:

    Thanks for the video! Really appreciated! Nice review and tutorial, liked!

  7. Tiran Ojalae says:

    Nice vid 

  8. TheGamingSloth says:


  9. Mrwhosetheboss says:
  10. Mrwhosetheboss says:
  11. Mrwhosetheboss says:
  12. MrAlexandros99 says: