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14 Responses so far.

  1. 'Lashayy Young14 says:

    Thanks a lot but this still didn't work

  2. Moon Dog says:

    I'm trying to unlock a ZTE Z899VL and the U swipe doesn't work so my search continues.

  3. Alejandro V. says:

    @ Phone Tricks Phone… Are you able to help me unlock the ZTE Blade 971 from AT & T… I factory rested it and can't get past the google lock.. Tried multiple tricks here on Youtube and no results so far, but your approach is rather different and can help me Google unlock it… The earlier the better my friend.. I can't seem to connect to the google browser no matter what method I used, was formally drawing a "C" once I activated Talkback.. Need to try with a U… Appreciate my friend!

  4. Mahesh Kumar P says:

    Thanks mate .. I have gone through many videos but only yours trick helped me to bypass Google FRP

  5. Tom Clarke says:


  6. SumiTenshi says:

    how do i get the google widget on there D: i can't seem to have it on there

  7. ktie89 says:

    Took a while but it worked! Just wish he had an alternative during the 2nd part from having to swipe again but it worked well!

  8. Shaniqua Nelson says:

    it won't let me download test DPC and could you show a video about like when it says cuz like if I try to go to the Play Store it won't let me download anything because it says link previous or type in previous email synced with phone or something like that and it won't let I don't know what to do for that in the email that I'm typing that was with this phone previously is not working it keeps on saying I can't remember what it's saying something and it won't let me

  9. Signature Plumbing inc says:

    This ALMOST Worked, the best by far, but I still get the "Open with" instead of an install package button. Any help?

  10. j刀のイムひノレイリ says:

    The best

  11. uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas says:

    it already doesnt work in the swipe step…i do the U swipe all the time still doesnt work

  12. Angelica Lucio says:

    worked for older zte but not the grand max

  13. Mike Blalock says:

    Bro. That totally worked. I had a friend looking for a phone cause she didn't have one. Went through a break up. My brother just so happened to have a ZTE laying around he gave me. This worked out I did this and it worked. My friend got a much needed phone and everyone was happy. Thanks again.

  14. James Albert says:

    dear, request you to upload method of ZTE BLAD ZMAX Z982, Android 7.1. Even after access to home screen. this device does not let "Test DPC" work fine, it shows error like contact it administrator. Neither i can enable adb mode.