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How To Reset/Factory Default – ZTE Skate

Posted on November/15/2014 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

How to reset or restore to defaults, the ZTE Skate.

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Djordje Zlatkovic says:

    How to restore version 2.2 because my 4.3

  2. michael hayden says:

    This isnt a hard reset its a soft reset, as a hard reset requires button

  3. Mobile How To says:

    Reset is the only option we believe.

  4. Jallu says:

    works in zte blade just same place same way, no problems 😀

  5. dashjava says:

    che si funciona me suscribo

  6. Stephen Davis says:

    this is fuckin good use this

  7. Fenando Moya says:


  8. Eleana Claire says:

    Thank you! That was really clear and easy. I have a ZTE Merit and it worked
    just the same.

  9. Mobile How To says:

    Search other videos on youtube for unlock android phone too many pattern

  10. MariaGab says:

    Hola!! Tengo el mismo problema que tu. He echo lo de menú + volm+block y me
    sale una pantalla que pone FTM Me podrias decir que hay que hacer porfavor
    Muchas gracias

  11. lds006 says:

    What do you have to do when you’ve put a password on it, to unlock it, but
    you forgot it???? I feel so stupid and I really can’t remember, is there
    any other option than ereasing everything??? PLEASE HELP, SOMEONE??

  12. Rudawe Diltazen says:


  13. lds006 says:

    Thank you