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How to Root ZTE Blade III [HD] Easy way to root! – Simple rooting!
Files needed and instructions http://tinyurl.com/9uc4lcb1euo

How to Root ZTE Blade III [HD] Easy way to root!
Rootfiles and full guide

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RootBlade3 :
In this video i will teach you how to root your ZTE Blade III
Instructions :
1) Download and install ZTE Blade III drivers to your computer
2) On the smartphone go to settings and enable usb debugging,and then connect it to your computer
3) Open up RooBlade3.exe and wait until it finishes!
4) After step 3 your are done,enjoy your rooted smartphone 😉
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Recorded with obs(Open Broadcasting Software).You can get it here :

Edited with SVP12(Sony Vegas Pro).You can download the free trial here :

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