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How to root ZTE Warp and install CUSTOM ROMS!!!!

Posted on September/30/2018 | Categories: Videos 5 Comments

Ultimate Warp Drive:




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5 Responses so far.

  1. NYC Drone Videos says:

    man all custom rooms is offline can you upload please i whant anyelse or aliem rooms please

  2. Stray Stroop says:

    Anyone get their Warp Elite rooted? Sucks not having a rooted phone for almost a week.

  3. Kaity Shely says:

    Yeah so I get about 4:12 into the video then my phone doesn't respond like yours, my phone acts like its not doing anything. I connected the phone to install drivers then tried toogling this option to mtp (media device) still didn't work (I verified the two other settings debugging and unknown sources).

    HELP this phone is driving me crazy!!!

  4. Andrew Ream says:

    Does not work

  5. Cuin kellarth says:

    this work forma the warp elite device