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how to root ZTE Z730

Posted on September/20/2018 | Categories: Videos 18 Comments

This is a easy tutorial on how to root your zte z730 android device and it works for many more android devices.This works for android versions up to 4.4.2 kitkat.

ZTE z730 CONCORD 2 is running android version 4.3 jellybean

* android phone or tablet
* computer
* USB cable
* Root genius
* enable USB debugging
* install the drivers for your device

1. better battery life
2. Keep up to date with the latest version of Android
3.You can uninstall pre-installed vendor or operator apps, that you don’t like or don’t use.
4. You will be able to run special applications.
5. The ability to block ads that are displayed in free apps
6. You can back up your entire system to an SD card and restore it later when required. This allows for experimenting with custom ROMs, bleeding edge Android and the ability to switch between multiple operating systems.

7.You can record your phone/tablet screen

and many other reasons

Root genius link

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18 Responses so far.

  1. miguel Rios Garcia says:

    not work

  2. GainWithCute Instagram says:

    Can you do a How-To Root a ZTE Compel?

  3. Jem Droid says:

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    Jem Droid45

  4. Tech Helper / Gaming Hacks says:

    it keeps saying my device is not supported. but I'm using the zte concord ii z730

  5. Sabrinayst Paez says:

    en español

  6. Butter Bluiders 1 says:

    it won't open the root how do I get the drivers

  7. FunnyRandomz says:

    the new version of the application wont even open for me. is there anyway to get the old version?

  8. tracy simmons says:

    Hi there, can you tell me how to root my ZTE 820 please? Having a hard time finding a root program that will work. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  9. David Walker says:

    Any custom roms

  10. Axel Nunez says:

    it didnt work on my zte z730 version 4.3

  11. maria carlina hernandez oberto says:

    how can i root my ZTE V993W?

  12. Ellen martin says:

    I can't do it I go to the link and I don't see any download

  13. Beatbox Saint says:

    I am sad to say it did not work on my 4g ZTE z730 android version 4.3 ,I have removed the sd card from my phone and installed the drivers, but while rooting using root genius it always stops at exactly 84% 🙁

  14. Enrique Berrios says:

    This program does not support it.

  15. Enrique Berrios says:

    I have a ZTE Z730 and does not work me and restarted as 10 times and says root failure.

  16. Roberto Castillo says:

    mmm e buscado esa aplicasion y no la encuentro… puedes ayudar agregando un link de donde esta

  17. LongWal1 says:

    Can it root the ZTE z830?

  18. Angel Guizar says:

    When it was on around 80% it said that my phone was to solid to root… If any one can help me it would be great and I am using the ZTE Z730 by the way.