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How to root zte z970 no pc

Posted on April/10/2018 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments


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15 Responses so far.

  1. Eminent Skillz says:

    doesn't work

  2. the kagebusing66 says:

    My cel is brick, where I get the firmware

  3. Antrax Love says:

    can u root a zte z833 it's in 6.0.1 with no PC please help

  4. imaxedswag omega says:

    and the page won't load

  5. imaxedswag omega says:

    does this work on zte z959

  6. DeJanet Anderson says:

    it isn't working. it just keep saying that it failed. please help me

  7. Juan Hernandez says:

    I have the phone now it won't let me root it

  8. Llandel Davila says:

    it said something about steps from being a developer can u help me my Facebook is Llandell Hernandezz the first name is all L's no I's

  9. vegeta xXchampioniceXx says:

    it happened to my old phone

  10. vegeta xXchampioniceXx says:

    your phone will be locked frp lock

  11. i quit youtube says:

    Why isn't it working?

  12. Tyrell Osby says:

    please can someone help

  13. Tyrell Osby says:

    no root access been stuck doing this for 24 hours. I have twrp to back up and supersu. rebooted idk how many times. cleared cache. I'm out of ideas. I did however had the root for an hour then it was gone

  14. Anthony Cisneros says:

    duglus willams
    just run king root again. but this time after king root swich from king user to susuper user.

  15. sayajinf4 says:

    4.4.4 never. flash ?