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First Link http://www.wintechmobiles.com/tools/zte-unlock-code-calculator/

Second Link http://www.wintechmobiles.com/tools/zte-blade-code-calculator/

How to Unlock – Sim free ZTE Engage (Cricket Wireless) AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T- Mobile, Boost Mobile

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Tyson Vea says:

    Nope I didn't work

  2. Jorge Berdeja says:

    it does not work. zte z669 criket

  3. william murphy says:

    only got meid

  4. Adam Franklin says:

    it only gives me MEID # MY IMEI SAYS 0 .what now

  5. Lee Horton says:


  6. velma salazar says:

    How do you inable the sim card. mine is in cdma mode so it does not see a sim card in it. and i do not see any unlock codes for it so far.

  7. Antonio Nolguen says:

    Can it be for a Mexican Sim card?

  8. Antonio Nolguen says:

    if its unlocked to any company doesnt matter which sim card?, can i go back to cricket? after i do that? is it gonna harm the phone?