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You can send me an email to buy an unlock code: bettercallmegoodman@gmail.com

Or you can buy your unlock code for the ZTE Maven 3 click below:


If you don’t have a PayPal account you can pay with a Debit or Credit Card, after clicking on the link above, find the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button”.

Remember your transaction will be 100% secure and protected by PayPal.

*Don’t forget to enter your IMEI number on the transaction.

A step by step guide on how to unlock your AT&T Prepaid Maven 3 Z835 to be use for any GSM carrier worldwide. If you want to buy a cheap unlock code send me an email: orders@prepaidunlocked.com

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9 Responses so far.

  1. mary bell says:

    Thank You, work great, you price to unlock is greaat, THANK YOU AGAIN

  2. Nee Parson says:

    I'm trying to unlock my phone but it doesn't show do not use network

  3. Great Ningo says:

    I want t buy a code for my zte

  4. Genésio Mendonça says:

    this still works?

  5. triple blessed says:

    Who do i call to unlock my ZTE

  6. alz123alz says:


  7. Yiuug I hate myself says:

    Thanks so much I told my friends about you and they also think u r amazing so thanks

  8. Freddie Rivera says:

    Ok how much is the code ??

  9. Peter Miller says:

    Rather than resolve this issue, AT & T is attempting to censor my rating of this phone. do not buy this phone. this phone should not even be sold to the public. after 3 weeks of use, the phone continuously shuts itself off and crashes. sometimes will not reboot. att store refuses to replace the phone. ''they claim phone is an inexpensive burner and as a customer i should not have expected anything more than a months usage from it.'' Their Words, not mine! then they offer to sell me a more expensive phone. tried hard reset, cache wipe battery check nothing works. the phone also comes loaded with unnecessary bloat that eats up all of the memory. even with many of the apps uninstalled or disabled phone still continuously crashes. disgraceful. I am sure they will delete this again.