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read…if its not clear, press the HQ button…well, this is how to unlock a secret game on a sharp scientific calculator.this ain’t fake, it works.if u don’t believe me u can try it out, anyway. enjoy! thx to Arc111111 for telling me the code to the EL531WH model calc! the code to the EL531WH calc is 531G, G is the ‘tan’ button in the secret mode. The code for the EL 520WG calculator is 520G. thanks to Marsupilami93 for telliing me. NOTE:almost all scientific calcs like sharp have this ‘game’,its actually a test, but its not as fun. this was made to check whether the calculator had faulty screens or buttons that didnt work, so when u fill the squares up it says good,meaning the calculator is not faulty. Casio brand calcs have it too, try shift and on together, but if that doesn’t work, try 7+shift+on. i haven’t seen any test more fun than Sharp XD BTW, there’s a cool way to access the internet using the calculator accessory on your comp, this is a tutorial…(all the credit goes to the maker of this vid, I’m just recommending it) www.youtube.com

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17 Responses so far.

  1. MADmemphis564 says:

    Dude im so fucking bored in my maths lesson plese find a code for el-w531 thanks in adnvance…

  2. MegaUltraZor says:

    It works to “name?” after that i press 509M but nothing happens , do i need to press a button after it or are there special buttons ?

  3. starman3fan12345 says:

    i have a EL233S

  4. optixalate says:

    erm after i press and hold alpha and M+ and the pressed the reset button behind, i get the word INITIALIZED! on my EL-W531S

  5. light4345 says:

    @mochatripletriple nvm i got it

  6. light4345 says:

    @mochatripletriple i have the same one and im kinda confused..

  7. neeko5000 says:

    it worked but it was pretty pointless…

  8. TheNiggerXavi says:

    ok it worked but that was pointless :/

  9. greatfxproductions says:

    doesn’t work, just says 520tan_

  10. GreyBillie says:

    Ok i dont get it. After it come back to the normal mode what should i do??

  11. GreyBillie says:

    Hi! does it work with a Sharp EL-520w??

  12. zandolee121 says:

    this is real….but its not a game.it just a test to check if your calculator is functioning properly

  13. deyvid139 says:

    my calculator is sharp EL-520W and i need help with the code the 1st and second i see the “NAME”fingi i type 509 but i dont have m!?!? help plz

  14. kisszunyi says:

    I have an EL-531, too. It works. Without G! Just write 531 and =

  15. MrLushGamer says:

    @randomgoodiez I got that one too, not sure if it works cos it doesnt seem to for me 🙁

  16. krenzx says:

    when the black blocks and dots came up i was shocked,i thought my calculator was spoilt =x then i reset it..but after that i tried,haha its a pointless game but fun =D nice dicovery man!=D

  17. josh says:

    you can press and hold the alpa green button and then press and hold m+ at the same time while you are doing that press reset button on the back then it should say name on the screen type in the numbers 509 or 531 then you work out the rest 🙂