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https://unlockinguniverse.com Guaranteed to unlock or your money back

ZTE Avid Plus can be unlocked in minutes. Will allow you to use ANY network that you want from ANYWHERE in the world. Great for students, families, or businessmen traveling abroad or just looking to make a cell company change domestically. Once unlocked all you have to do is enter in the SIM card from the country you are in and will begin picking up service

How to Network Unlock ZTE Avid Plus
1: Remove Battery and Backplate of phone to insert SIM card
2: Power on device and then “Network Unlock Prompt” will appear
3: Enter your unlock provided by Unlocking Universe

*IMPORTANT: Some phone’s locked to T-Mobile, Family Mobile or MetroPCS are now remotely unlocked so it won’t prompt for an unlock code but don’t worry because we can still unlock through the application*

Email: sales@unlockinguniverse.com if you cannot get a network unlock oe device app prompt to appear. We are here for your support!

SIM Card Sizing Issue? How to fix: https://youtu.be/8351cYQQdhA

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