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How To Unlock zte sonata 3 fast easy simple 100℅ works!

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5 Responses so far.

  1. ZomZom 343 says:

    Hey, my phone's password can't be entered because one of the keys doesn't work. Is there a way to unlock it without opening it prior to locking it? I've tried everything like resetting and powering off, but when I took it to my service provider, I could've bought a new phone with the money it would've cost!

  2. rose jane says:

    Sorry lol.!!!! 👍

  3. Alec Webb says:

    Is my ZTE sonata 3 capable of supporting at&t

  4. rose jane says:

    Junky phone.!!!!

  5. Oscar Ostorba says:

    Do you know if this website will work with a Galaxy J7 prime from metro pcs . Customer just had it for less than a month .