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This Video will show you the process of Carrier unlocking your ZTE ZMAX 2 so you can use it anywhere in the world!

How to Unlock your ZTE ZMAX 2 (SIM Unlock) click here:

Is your Sim Card too big/small? See this video: http://bit.ly/1nyjaIe

♦Full Gear List: https://goo.gl/geKIl3
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♦Budget Filming/Youtube Gear: https://goo.gl/yMzF0D

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12 Responses so far.

  1. Chris p says:

    Hey if I unlock the phone can I use it with Metro PCS??? also can I unlock the phone through At&t's website?

  2. Kevin Hughes says:

    My ATT ZTE ZMAX 2 came factory unlocked.

  3. Thomas Mohr says:

    Z Max Booty

  4. AbDoU89A says:


  5. Kaan Connoly says:


  6. Neill Jansen van Vuuren says:

    This phone reminds me of the HTC DIAMOND, keep up the good work….thanks THE UNLOCKING COMPANY for sponsoring Ed

  7. CakeCoin Gaming says:

    Edgar Oganesyan is the best

  8. Gabo Gaboo says:


  9. Daniel N'am says:

    awesome job Ed nicely done

  10. Junkstuntman says:

    i thought AT&T unlocked their products for free and was wondering if anyone has used this phone under Tracfones Service cause i plan to buy this phone but if it wont work I wont get it thanks to anyone that replies with an answer in advance

  11. Jason M says:

    can you put tmobile apn settings on the zmax 2 or will it automatically get 4g lte on tmobile

  12. Mark Blade Schultz says:

    I recently bought this phone and I love it…definitely a step up from what I had. My question is: I took this phone to Straight Talk with their "Bring Your Own Phone" program. They sent me the SIM card and everything is working fine, but I cannot change the APN data (for the mobile data). The mobile data is working but I have "AT&T" in the upper left of the screen. Will following this procedure make it possible to change the APN setting?