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Huawei M750 Review

Posted on April/23/2015 | Categories: Videos 13 Comments

Comment me if you need anything in-depth, i can do that as well. I like the phone. Please no rude comments I’m an amateur. Comment, rate, subscribe.

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Dorathee1010 says:

    Can you put for example a slideshow for your wallpaper?[: Or a flashing

  2. darkqueenofhalloween says:

    @talksick59 yes 😀

  3. aquaphone says:

    Good job with the review!

  4. Vince Moore says:

    What is the video format, and does it play video???

  5. theimmaculatecrown says:

    You did a great review kid…very well spoken. The speakers on it sound

  6. kevin Wiley says:


  7. BenoChino says:

    @lulifyingGabby uhmm, i like the music player and my files and i dont like
    the settings menu and the camera is okay. its only 1.3

  8. Annamaria Khan says:

    hey thnxx did u mean to insert the memory card into the phone or p.c.

  9. lcbduchess says:

    can u get on facebook?

  10. Jose D Gonzalez says:

    nice reviedw =}

  11. 321dvr says:

    how do you put ringtones on that phone?

  12. torende says:

    Don’t get this phone if you… -expect to text on a large qwerty keyboard
    -want to use it for internet (esp bad with videos) -plan to connect it to
    your pc (requires 3rd party drivers) -believe in getting the most bang for
    your buck (not worth 200)

  13. SillyLilly149 says:

    I was looking in to buy the Huawei M750 in a few weeks. i’v looked through
    alot of tutorials but one thing they havent talked about much is how to do
    speaker phone. could you tell me how please? thanks. (I know its a stupid
    request but I need to know)