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IFA: ZTE Kis3 Max + Blade Vec 3G Video Review

Posted on April/17/2016 | Categories: Videos 7 Comments

On the IFA in Berlin ZTE presented two new Android mobile phones with dual SIM in the lower price tier: the Kis3 Max and the Blade Vec 3G. This review video gives some first hands-on impressions and compares both devices.

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Sajeeda Ahmed says:

    I have the zte kis 3 max but SD cards don't work

  2. Amarq1 Ssss says:

    I'm using zye kis3 max

  3. Gold Roger says:

    I bought the ZTE KIS 3 MAX and overall its pretty good for its price but when i play videos on youtube it wont go higher than 360p even though on facebook i was able to play HD videos does anyone knows how to watch HD videos from youtube ?

  4. Isabella Tyrrell says:

    Hi i recently bought the zte blade vec 3g and have no idea how to use data. Can you help? Thanks 

  5. Mobiwatch NET says:

    @John Hatch I couldn't anwer your post – seems as if your YouTube account is not connected to Google+ (properly). So I go this way: The Vec isn't unibody, even if it looks quite nice and classy. Unfortunately I have no info concerning India, I'm sorry. Please contact ZTE India, e.g. here: https://www.facebook.com/ZTEIndia  Good luck!

  6. John Hatch says:

    is the ZTE blade vec unibody?? And will it be available in India??

  7. Comy F says:

    The Blade Vec 4G version is allready available in Romania, being rebranded by Orage as Orange Rono.
    I like that they have (almost) stock Android, that is a plus imo and both smartphones are looking good, especially price wise.
    Nice presentation !