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Is the Sprint ZTE Flash Worth it

Posted on March/2/2017 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments


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17 Responses so far.

  1. Noah Estep says:

    Does anyone know how i can increase my volume i think its called dsl number so u can increase volume settings

  2. Jordan Rael says:

    4g imeant

  3. Jordan Rael says:

    Ayana A. Is this 5g

  4. Jordan Rael says:

    Really good phone just got mine two months ago no problems except mine is 3g not 4g sprint said its a 4g phone except the 4g towers havent came out

  5. BarbieQ says:

    not a surprise, LOL!

  6. Tyler Cameron says:

    What did you mean when you said that 4.0.4 is normally fake?

  7. julian cutshall says:

    I love my flash

  8. Anthony says:

    volume down and power button at the same time 3 secs

  9. Spankey Sterling says:

    How do you screen shot with this phone?

  10. kinggreg41189 says:

    does it have a video headphone jack???

  11. Victor Martinez says:

    Worst review ever

  12. Zohaib Khan says:

    Excellent review note to poster ignore the world as they are ignorant

  13. Dani Gray says:

    You racist piece of shit. Your pretty fucking lucky I haven't met you in person. I would whoop your little ass.

  14. Dre Harding says:

    Racist motherfucker

  15. Eddu.g says:

    Eewww u are black Dislick

  16. anthony eklund says:

    I dont know my dad

  17. Doktor Holiday says: