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(Issue) ZTE Warp Elite “Boost Mobile”

Posted on April/29/2016 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

(Issue) ZTE Warp Elite “Boost Mobile”

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Kelvin Wilkins says:

    Can the zte warp works for metro

  2. Chyna Boo says:

    how do U make the battery percentage show?

  3. Bernard Thomas says:

    and the zte warp elite got a update today for bug fixes ..

  4. Bernard Thomas says:

    try out the cricket Alcatel one touch idol 3 for $129 to me it's the best budget phone out one under $200 and it have dual JBL front facing speakers..I have it and it's the best budget phone I had..

  5. Bernard Thomas says:

    this phone got a update today so it will fix all the issues..

  6. Terrnesha Davis says:

    what about the type of keyboard that's on it?

  7. Darlene Lear says:

    I just purchased this phone and my only problem with it is trying to find out how to connect it to my TV so i can use my unlimited mobile internet to watch netflix, hulu, ect. I have read that it isn't compatible to use through USB. Can you or anyone tell me my best resolution to this problem? I'm guessing that since the USB cant be used for that reason I can't connect to Chromecast. Although I am unsure because I have never used Chromecast. I don't want to purchase the Chromecast and not be able to use it. TIA

  8. Terrnesha Davis says:

    does this phone offer emojis?

  9. shawng0769 says:

    How can I get my email working on my Boost Mobile ZTE Warp Elite ? I by accident hit the disable button and it wont let me hit the button to get the email starting again

  10. General Labor says:

    That call issue you have, I have had too since day one and now this thing has powered off and now it wont turn on, I had to do a hard reset the other day to get it to power up. Tonight it has gone and done it again to the point where its now on the charger and no matter what I do it wont power up. I don't know how people can like this phone, it has done nothing but given me heart burn, Any advice on how to fix this? Greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  11. maxamillion woodis says:

    charge it off it will only take 35 mins for full charge

  12. mightcec says:

    I both this phone a few weeks ago. I loved it. now I notice it's deleting my home screen icons and replacing it with google icons. does anyone else have the same issue. would love a fix for this.

  13. precilla bandy says:

    Great Video

  14. Dan Rowland says:

    anyway it's great that you are doing reviews on boost Mobile phones I had the service for a while now and no problems.. use to have metro pcs and it sucked

  15. Dan Rowland says:

    I have the ZTE Prestige and love the phone no issues since I gotten the security update… ZTE is getting better at making phone that work and this little phone is pretty fast for a snapdragon 210

  16. Matt Johnson says:

    how is the battery life?

  17. Tiara Simmons says:

    i love the way you talk

  18. Bernard Thomas says:

    the right time for quick charge 1.0 is a round a hour to 2 hours ,the galaxy s6 and some new flagship has quick charge 2.0 where it's takes less then a house ,,with quick charge 1.0 it takes anywhere between a hour to 2 hours to charge I look it up..a lot of people don't know any phone with the snapdragon 410 on up has quick charge 1.0 unless it's a flagship then it may have 2.0 my galaxy s4 have quick charge 1.0 and it takes around 2 hours ,,now phones with out quick charge 1.0 or 2.0 takes around 3 hours to charge..

  19. megan Czerwinski says:

    the screen flicker isn't actually a flicker, I have this phone too I noticed it was doing the same thing, I was reading the booklet that came with it, there is actually a sensor on the front of the phone that senses light to adjust the brightness for you to see the screen better even the little slightest change it light it adjusts to it, example a little shadow from your head it will change it. if you look next to your speaker under the light you can see the little sensors in there. in your drop menu where you adjust your brightness there's that little box you can ☑ that says auto. that makes it adjust on its own according to your light conditions . when you're out and the sun is on your screen it brightens it so you can see better, if you're on your phone in bed with the light dims to help save battery and it's still perfectly visible.