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Posted on February/28/2015 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

Error: ROM is created by JOYOS team not xiaoyoswim he just ported rom from ZTE BLADE to Skate Credit To: Chinese Team www.joyos.cn xioyaoswim JOYOS team Kelz…

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Kim Hyuna says:

    is it work blade ııı ? /intouch2/

  2. Cristian Tocila says:

    What launcher it is using?

  3. xX1337Xx100 says:

    Rom looks great do 3d games play well on this rom 🙂 if they do ill flash
    it on my OMC

  4. Tekhnify says:

    Yeah they work better than stock 🙂

  5. Cristian Tocila says:

    Its smooth but is chinese language fuck that! smooth but bad.

  6. DJGilooo says:

    see the apps such as whatsapp then the iphone or from normal as in
    android????? and the store is appstore or google play?????

  7. rickard767 says:

    i know nothing about rom and cm or whatever its called, i just want the ICS
    look on my phone (ZTE skate) could you put up an video on how to get the
    ICS look?

  8. MrDrajzla says:

    by my blade the g sensor dont works..please help

  9. Nico Pagliarella says:

    YOu can install ICS now if you want