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Deeply comparing both of my favorite devices currently offered by boost mobile.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Justin Valderrama says:

    I have had both and there is no comparison. the ZTE blows it out of the water! the LG battery is terrible, doesn't charge fast and the memory is God awful, the phone was full without anything on it!. Camera wise there is no comparison. ZTE all the way

  2. Keith T says:

    don't do it don't buy any phone with only 8 g's of internal memory it will be full after u download Facebook trust me regret it

  3. HOWYOUDOIN884 says:

    which one will fit in your pocket???

  4. Justin Geer says:

    I've had the elite for 2 months now and I have 0 complaints.I've had the Galaxy s2 and the Stylo but the ZTE wrecks them all.Decent camera,good battery life,nice screen,and great performance for the price along with plenty of storage. Go get it now!!!What are you waiting for???Get it!!I'll wait…Also the Elite has quick charge which is a bonus Boost Mobile doesn't tell you and the Stylo does not have this feature

  5. Alice Van Dyke says:

    As a photographer what people need to know about MP for the camera is the same everyone needs to know. Unless you are going to blow a photo up to poster size, you really do not need more that 8MP to get the detail you need for a really perfect normal size photo or online photo.

  6. Lynn Randall says:

    If your a power user then why don't you have a high-end device?

  7. Andrew Hendrick says:

    Even though your video shows them side by side, which one has the better display? It doesn't seem as if either is IPS. Are they both TFT?

  8. C-Eclectic Style says:

    do they both have removable batteries?

  9. Goldie Phillips says:

    Lg Stylo does have NFC.

  10. Nathan Krupp says:

    I just ordered the ZTE Warp Elite and 1 thing that irritates me already is the skin they have over Android. I was planning on getting the Google Now Launcher to make it feel more like stock Android. How did you get yours to look so stock like? What did you add to make it look closer to stock??

  11. Bernard Thomas says:

    the t mobile stylo do have NFC

  12. Paola Angel says:


  13. Guy Mitchell says:

    Plus the metro lg stylo has 16gb internal memory space compared to the 8gb boost mobile version.

  14. Guy Mitchell says:

    Lg stylo metro pcs is a better version. 13mp laser auto focus camara, SD card 128gb, LG is a better brand too. Go with the LG stylo metro pcs..

  15. decafcoffee73 says:

    being the Zte screen sits on top any problems with screen cracking?

  16. steel shinigami says:

    Great review. i'm going to look into the Boost upgrade tomorrow. going to half to go with The Zte 2gb/16. i like the Lg G Stylo but not from boost with 1gb/8GB. and dont want to switch to metro pcs or tmobile or walmart/T mobile to get the better version .i will loose my 7gb of data from boost…. 5gb plus the free 2 gb