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LG K7 vs ZTE Avid plus for metroPCS

Posted on March/13/2017 | Categories: Videos 16 Comments

LG K7 vs ZTE Avid plus for metroPCS

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Jay Cute says:

    lg k7 I'd my old phone ZTE avid in my current

  2. SKY-911☆CS:GO☆ says:

    I own this phone. If you have any questions i can help you

  3. N for Noah says:

    o i so want a zte AVED plus

  4. Fabiola Tapia says:

    the word "Aved" messed up the video but nice👋👍👌

  5. Danielle bregoli says:

    make an lg k7 vs a lg l70

  6. Wanda Tirado says:

    the lg k7 its a nice phone but the only that i hate about this phone is that the battery sucks now i just got the zte vid plus and i love it because the battery last the whole day its doesn't die fast like the lg k7

  7. Stoney Kitty says:

    i have lg 47

  8. JDMuscle 101 says:

    I have an LG K7, its a nice phone except camera sucks.

  9. Panda PoX says:

    wtf I have the zte avid plus.both phones are nice

  10. Adrian Lockwood says:

    Can you do one about the zte overture 2 vs the LG risio

  11. ghostthegamer says:

    lg k7 and core prime

  12. メキシコ人 says:


  13. fabuloso cleaner says:

    Wtf. The lg k7 battery is removable.

  14. NITO yep says:

    I have the avid plus but would anyone know how to root it?

  15. NITO yep says:

    this was a very sloppy video, the biggest thing that was wrong was the phone is called AVID not "AVED"

  16. James Drake says:

    What's the name of the song?