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LG Phoenix 2 VS ZTE Zmax 2

Posted on July/16/2016 | Categories: Videos 16 Comments

Hello there everybody, and welcome to this video comparison of the LG Phoenix 2 VS ZTE Zmax 2. In this video we will put these guys together and discuss the differences between the two as well as a boot up test, and a speed test between these two devices. The intentions of this video is to help you to understand the differences between these two devices and give you a comparison of them in a fun and entertaining way, but also informative at the same time. Also I forgot to mention in the video itself, but the ZTE Zmax 2 does have the better battery life and camera from my personal experiences with the devices 🙂

LG Phoenix 2 Video Series: https://goo.gl/5Ajxia

ZTE Zmax 2 Video Series: https://goo.gl/NUvgW3

ZTE Zmax 2 unlocked:http://amzn.to/1X5EDwV

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Leo Gio says:

    ZTE loses cause it causes cancer

  2. caleb clark says:

    ur videos sick. kill itself

  3. Ashley Dame says:

    Did you notice that one had a better calling quality (sounded better) or a better overall picture quality. I just got the phoenix….but I like that the zte is a bit larger

  4. Stuart Baucum says:

    I have the zmax 2 and wanting to switch to either lg Phoenix 2 or G4, but might be forced to go the Phoenix 2 route. I'm honestly getting tired of ZTE

  5. NyCe ™ says:

    Hey Nick, which phone would you say has the better battery life overall between these two?

  6. Leroy Ceaser says:

    I have both devices, I like the LG, it fits nice in the hand & has a curved screen but the Zmax 2 Is the overall better value with it being $60 at Best Buy!!!…I bought another one just to take advantage of the deal…lol!

  7. striderberserk says:

    keep up the great reviews and comparisions; new sub

  8. Ricardo Guzman says:

    which one would you say has better battery life? and do both last the whole day

  9. selw0nk says:

    change the launcher on the ZTE to Nova and you won't have these glitch problem. I was having the same thing happening to me.

  10. Gaarafan96 says:

    I'm thinking of getting the ZTE ZMAX 2 what are some pro's and con's of this phone?

  11. Chris p says:

    does it have a notification light?

  12. Leo P says:

    also do you have a video on how to unlock at&t go phones?

  13. Leo P says:

    hey when you unlock the zte zmax2 can u use it with metro PCs??? plz respond ASAP

  14. tim timma says:

    what keyboard are you using on the zmax? if its the Google keyboard, how do you get the darker theme on it?

  15. frank captivate says:

    nice review, thanks nick

  16. TonyFresh Kennedy says:

    Nick, can you buy the ZTE Maven and review it. There are reviews out but when looking for reviews, I always come to you first so can you? Hoping for a reply.