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This video was recorded with a ZTE Anthem 4g. Check out my other video’s and subscribe to my channel!

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Patty Mills says:

    Pls tell me which is better phone "LG Spirit 4G" or "Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo"  ?

  2. Jerry McCrary says:

    upgrade for the s3 is $444 total

  3. Metro Phone Repair says:

    also the s3 is now $349 btw not $500 and only $400 on an upgrade.

  4. Metro Phone Repair says:

    The Galaxy s3 has more features than any other phone that Metro carries… what feature are you claiming it doesn't come with ? You have to have an open WIFI signal to be able to connect to WIFI if your phone is not connecting it would be defective and Metro will replace it for you. Also has the absolute best camera on a phone that Metro carries so I would also say that your phone would need replacement if it's not working right

  5. Juan Pérez says:

    Don't get me wrong… I mean the phone is awesome, but it just gets too slow, I can't even connect to a wifi network to get the jellybean update.. and it doesn't come with all the features. And the camera is not just as great. Theres better alternatives to this phone for a much cheaper price.

  6. Metro Phone Repair says:

    and just how did you come to that conclusion? Also I have to ask, what phone do you have?

  7. Juan Pérez says:

    The galaxy s3 from metro pcs is not worth $500.

  8. shanna is awesome says:

    the galaxy s3 isnt tht big compared to lg spirit the galaxy s3 is 4'8 inches the lg spirit is 4'5 inches -_-

  9. Fatoumata Traore says:


  10. Edward Phillips says:

    I have the motion …now I want the spirit.lol. but does the spirit have free 4ghotspot like the motion? Need to know