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Just live streaming to say hi✌
thanks for watching everybody and joining the livestream if you’re new to the Channel Please Subscribe for more future videos

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Jay Mrh says:

    Yeah i played GTA San Andreas on Zmax Pro but the controls for that game are no good for me but on other games i have no issues.

  2. ChadMiddleton21 says:

    +Paul Tech Do you recommend the Coolpad Canvas from Best Buy for $50?

  3. Big Sonny says:

    Thanks again for repping the zmax pro so hard for all this time! Best budget device ever IMHO.

  4. Christian B. says:

    you so cute paul… 😉

  5. Prometheus Group says:

    zte blade by crikcet already has nougat?

  6. Prometheus Group says:

    You may have already answered this but do you know if zmax pro getting nougat?

  7. Alfonso Rosas says:

    hey Paul, like your videos. learned a lot about my zmax pro

  8. Titus Shannon says:

    hey I have the ZTE Max Pro and love it from MetroPCS. do u turn off your data maximer

  9. Faze360 says:

    nice video Paul it's me howtotech

  10. Alfonso Rosas says:

    hey Paul, Alfonso form Modesto CA

  11. Alfonso Rosas says:

    yah it's working

  12. Gamer Mtz says:

    hello I just wanted to ask if you have problems with your Bluetooth on the zte z max pro

  13. Arian Gomez says:

    Why don't ya do any reviews on unlocked devices like the ZTE Avon mini 7 and the Honor 6x?

  14. Hazel Ford says:

    Baltimore in the hoyse

  15. myproject13 says:

    check me out when you're ready to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S8, who knows may be selling it down the road when you're possibly ready for one? great steam. ✌️

  16. Mark Casarez says:

    Luv your vids, keep up the good work. My ZTE Axon 7 Mini finally got the Nouget update yesterday