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www.philstar.com Pacquiao vs. Margarito: Boxing’s Ugliest Circus By Paul Magno – July 24, 2010 | Email the author So, it’s pretty much official. Manny Pacquiao will square off against the still-suspended Antonio Margarito on November 13th at a site to be determined. The last time we saw Margarito, it was May. He was mugging to the camera and mocking his suspension every chance he got in a lackluster pay-per-view performance against club fighter, Robert Garcia, in a card emanating from Aguascalientes, Mexico. Every time the camera was on him, he felt the need to grin, hold his fists up to the camera and twirl them as if to say, “Look, no plaster.” It was a good time for him and for his ever-diminishing group of fans, but it did not endear him to the vast majority of fight fanatics who refused to purchase the event (The buyrate was a pitiful 12000-15000) and it certainly didn’t win over the hearts of the California commission which suspended him. Now, the remorseless and blatant cheat who would have willingly gone out and bludgeoned Shane Mosley with loaded hand wraps, is in line for a major payday, major exposure and a major title to boot. Margarito has yet to receive his license to fight again in the United States and has already had one reinstatement effort put off by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. That being said, it’s hard to see a recession-stricken Las Vegas being able to turn down such a high-profile bout that will generate millions in revenue via Asian high

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17 Responses so far.

  1. mybgproductions says:

    hi guys story of manny and margarito fight
    search in you tube : manny pacquiao and antonio margarito fight 2010. cheers

  2. abigailgeli says:

    check my video round 7 last night fight. Pacquaio vs. Margarito. 5 points face contact of manny the man “PACMAN” Pacquiao!..woohoo..mabuhay ang Filipino….more video to come..

  3. Debby82933 says:

    OMG, PACQUIAO VS MARGARITO is gonna be so awesome! Go Pacman!!!

    It starts at 9pm eastern on Saturday November 13, 2010.

    I can’t wait to watch it live online FREE here:


  4. ChristeljoyD05 says:

    Lets go PACMAN!we know you could do it!Lets kick some butts;)

  5. salsancheznumber1fan says:

    margachito will get smashed on!

  6. cisco19 says:

    Americano c margarito? Tanga

  7. Alexe84 says:

    PACMAN for the win.

  8. fogfrogblog says:

    @TDASS281 What ever man. Pacquiao is an all time great RECOGNIZE! No one can destroy those opponents the way Pacquiao did. And he is the smaller guy.
    Your boy Floyd has no name in his resume that he can be proud of LOL He can only brag about him making the most money, like I care about that

  9. TDASS281 says:

    @fogfrogblog pacgirl is cleaning out big names?? lmao yaaa okayyy. every “big name” he fought floyd has already destroyed. Hes fighting good fighters who are on losing streaks or hell fight a bad fighter who top rank tells everyone is good so theyll buy the fight. margacheato is a bitch and this is a bitch fight

  10. hahansoding says:

    tikas man diay ni diay margarito bahog itlog concrete balls!

  11. stusakutusa says:

    Margarito’s concrete hands will give him the victory. jajajaja

  12. stusakutusa says:

    Margarito concrete hands will give him the victory. jajajaja

  13. naturalbeaful says:

    @sanlukas13 and gayweather accused manny for that with no proof and evidence. c’mon you know how gayweather is!

  14. alexpower06 says:

    has anybody seen at the end of margarito and moesley fight that moesley never took off his gloves? margarito was set up by golden boy productions. moesley was the one with the ilegal hand wrap and they just throw it to margarito so that they can destroy margarito’s career. just think about it I know now in days is hard to get away with murder specialy if you don’t any influences. And moesley gots the influences to get away with it. that’s my critic.

  15. ChicChikBoom says:

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  16. ChicChikBoom says:

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  17. joillusions9 says:

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