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More from Mobile World Congress 2016: http://bit.ly/24mukpB
Running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the smart projector can also be used as a tablet thanks to its large 8.4-inch 2K display.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. Louis Roy says:

    Hey how's it gokng? Very Courageous. important spark What do you think0.. 11

  2. Elise Maes says:

    Incomparbble! What's up,# land hurry What's your opinion about%it !!!

  3. Duane Locsin says:

    I'm looking to upgrade my Android tablet, still only have an Asus 2012 Transformer and this looks to be the most impressive combination.
    big screen tv and tablet in a relatively small package.

    I can then watch my movies and tv shows, while I can use my iPad Pro for light when I FIFO remote sites.

    I just wish it had some sort of HDMI input.

  4. ashugtiwari says:

    well, one word or collection of words can have many meanings, so stop being surprised for "netflix and chill". its all right if he does not know the meaning. Many people in the world dont know that. USA is not the whole world.

  5. Necim Aslan says:

    fiyat makul olursa alırım.tam aradığım şey

  6. pinoy tease says:

    lmaooooo.. Netflix and Chill!!!

  7. Mokanin88 says:

    He did not just say netflix and chill mm-mmm

  8. Pete Tran says:

    What is the projection resolution?

  9. ErnieJenn Leffew says:


  10. FastLikeUNO says:

    Starting ATTTTT: $1,500.00!

  11. Fabian Guerreri says:

    Ahaha i can't believe he done said netflix n chill

  12. JR Tech & Games says:

    He said to watch ✌️✊Netflix and chill ✌️✊

  13. Gustavo Corsten says:

    no hdmi?..so only content from the tablet..

  14. TOKOLOKOTOK says:

    Cool! ;D

  15. Don DeWaay says:

    ooooo cool

  16. matt k says:

    I really want this, but I don't need it and I probably wouldn't use it that much. Great job ZTE