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metro pcs blackberry review prt. 1

Posted on June/11/2011 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments

this is my review on the blackberry from metro pcs. here is the link for those of you who get it and want to get more apps for free www.pinstack.com. if u have any more questions jus leave a comment and i’ll respond from my phone of course PLEASE RATE

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15 Responses so far.

  1. fm4118 says:

    I used lg optimus v to watch this video and did not have problems like loading a page for that long

  2. SuperPhoenix3000 says:

    @plenty2say itsprice went down to 199

  3. nyanchan87 says:

    lol its actually available for $199 now at metro =) i’ll def be pickin it up in a couple days and i can’t wait!

  4. trena103 says:


  5. phantastikpebbles says:

    @plenty2say that’s what i said!

  6. novatrek says:

    @BrooklynTBA shit takes damn near three months.

  7. eriknrobproduction10 says:

    you should upload ur videos in 320p and 720p and 1080p

  8. BrooklynTBA says:

    its an ok phone, the $50 plan its the best feature. i hvnt recieved that rebate yet tho, metro iza buncha thieves. hope i will

  9. hastabajoh says:

    does it have bbm ?
    can i connect it with any metro plan????

  10. The1legend3 says:

    aye dude does it come with the track pad or the ball

  11. libramercboi says:

    now its $245


    i want it,even though it is expensive….beats having a contract phone,in wich i usually always raned up my bill…i dont have time for that anymore….but iits nice…nice phone…

  13. BrooklynTBA says:

    how much u paid 4 it?

  14. roppokai1 says:

    can u get the contra gme on the bb 8530??

  15. mskatybabe11 says:

    The shitty service is tmobile n attnt