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Review part 2.

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13 Responses so far.

  1. TheGadgetReviewers says:

    @777brownie no sadly you cannot record videos): still a great phone tho

  2. TheGadgetReviewers says:

    @SuperShawnbell Must download from computer or record and set as ringtone
    if you wish, but will not sound as well.

  3. justinchaffin1013 says:

    @sbiejansky yes u can bluetooth ringtones i have done it

  4. TheGadgetReviewers says:

    @hoppinglark no os really just meto apps not android or windows mobile or
    anything like that

  5. docock2 says:

    can u lizten 2 muzic at the same time while doin somethin elze like textin
    or on the web or takin picturez, etc.?

  6. Marco619456 says:

    im getting this cell june 10th and i wanna if u can record and set it as
    ur ringtone

  7. TheGadgetReviewers says:

    @CalvinBreezy i dont know about funformobile but i THINK you can with myxer
    i will find out shortly.

  8. Gabriel Brooks says:

    Which OS is the phone running?

  9. 18upvideos says:

    you sound like michelle rodriguez 🙂

  10. TheGadgetReviewers says:

    @oxytrebor i know i know bad camera quality:/

  11. TheGadgetReviewers says:

    @Xx6ackspac3xX I dont think you can turn it off. Everytime I slide my phone
    down, it locks as well.

  12. Trebor Odinson says:

    was this video taped underwater?

  13. xangelinuyashax says:

    @Marco619456 yes u can record and set it as your ringtone