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Become a Fan of me on Facebook: www.facebook.com I’m back to show you people the Huawei M750 sold by Metro PCS. This is a great touch screen phone, however its not considered a smart phone so it can be used on any plan. Also this phone does not support a full html browser, it only supports mobile web. This phone also does not have video. Don’t forget to comment and rate this video. Also check out my other Metro PCS phone reviews. Come check us out at: 269 E County Line Rd Hatboro, PA 19040

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13 Responses so far.

  1. HinesXL says:

    does this phone have youtube?

  2. babylamb831 says:

    Yeah not to hate on this phone since I have it …. but don’t get it people’s it’s really not all that … And it’s very dull …

  3. MuchAdoAboutTacos says:

    Get the LG optimus M instead, its the best phone on metro so far.

  4. farida986 says:

    this phone SUCKS dont get it!

  5. TheCanadianPickle says:

    The ghetto android

  6. surikan1 says:

    @Riseofleviathan samsung craft suck ball. Galaxy indulge far better

  7. NubianBarbie91 says:

    i have this phone. its terrible. and very terrible service as well. so many glitches

  8. Fanilliaj says:

    @Riseofleviathan the indulge is pretty cool too

  9. Fanilliaj says:

    @THE2o9Sicko nope

  10. THE2o9Sicko says:

    Does it have wifi???????

  11. Riseofleviathan says:

    Samsung craft
    Lg optimus m are the best

  12. SNESosT says:


    how the hell can u make a touch screen with no cam recording!>

  13. mArl1h says:

    I need help with thiz fone!! i want to know if there’s a way i can minimize the IM screen. Cuz i press the red button and it signs me out and each time i want to answer a new IM i have to log in back. iS there a way i can use it for something else without it signing me out? HELP PLZZZZZ!!!!!