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Become a Fan of me on Facebook: www.facebook.com Here’s the new Samsung Freeform sold by Metro PCS. Don’t forget to comment and rate this video. Also check out my other Metro PCS phone reviews.

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21 Responses so far.

  1. ImaniPerfect says:

    I Hate This Phone… I Got It & It Sucks .!

  2. achuibarra13 says:

    Please somebody send me a damn link to this ddriver like that cd in that video contains a driver that recognizes my phone wen i plug it in pleazsse can i get a link to download this driver!

  3. ReapZzs says:

    How much is irt

  4. gtf103 says:

    hey i have a metro pcs samsung messager III how do i record a vid please write bak please!

  5. xOxONessyxOxO says:


  6. BrookePhoenix66 says:

    does this phone have a voice recorder?

  7. iRoyalPwnUx says:

    what model is this? anyone knows where the sync card is?

  8. xxunwantedbitchezxx says:

    I have this phone..But my friend gave it to me…and it has no sim card…But do i just go in to the store and say can i have a sim card and battery for it what do i do?

  9. BigMrJuarez says:

    I used to have this phone. It is a cool ass phone. My GF spilled water on it and messed it up. But it was a cool ass phone while it lasted.

  10. sweetXricerockets says:

    I’m guessing you work with Metro PCS. What do you do after with all the phones you review?

  11. iamcool929 says:

    I have that phone. but mine is gray.

  12. prblpowerball says:

    @lipzpoppin o wow ur slow does the review say black berry OMG !

  13. prblpowerball says:

    @ilandbooi wats so bad about everybody having it ?

  14. MrModel909 says:

    .new metro pcs . vid ..


  15. houshidar558 says:

    how much did you buy it for? cause its 39 bucks now lol

  16. tootielollipop says:

    @lipzpoppin no 🙁

  17. tootielollipop says:

    @emilymarseilles SAME!

  18. tootielollipop says:

    @ilandbooi I’M SAYING! LOL 5 PEOPLE ON MY BUS HAS IT -_-. Probably 100 people in my school has it. Like i hate my phone now, it’s crappy i’ve been wanting a droid since 7th grade lol :$

  19. EvilKingAj13 says:

    i have this…. ITS ASSS

  20. PoohGurh says:

    ii have thiis but now, im switchinq to the lg banter touch in a couple of days (:

  21. emilymarseilles says:

    I had this phone, loved it. Then every fucking body had it. Now I can’t stand it.