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Become a Fan of me on Facebook: www.facebook.com I’m here to show you people the ZTE Essenze sold by Metro PCS. This is a great slider phone. Don’t forget to comment and rate this video. Also check out my other Metro PCS phone reviews.

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19 Responses so far.

  1. MsMarchh says:

    iHaad thiss fonee to and it brokee inn twoee monthss itss apieecee of craap

  2. miamibeach1305 says:

    Mine fell in the washin machine. It went thru rinse and everything

  3. sexyskater00 says:

    had this

  4. starsNglam says:

    don’t buy this phone.
    easily broken

  5. pancho14ist says:

    ZTE Agent Is Way Better

  6. TheLildaija says:

    Hey I’ve had this phone since it came out and i haven’t had any problems with it i think its a good phone its just my opinion

  7. starsNglam says:

    this fone sucks big time man.

  8. danny207able says:

    this was my frist phone its sooooo gay no lie just dont itz a fail 2 all phones really

  9. samurai624 says:

    Good phone overall but my volume broke and now it keeps adjusting itself at the most random times like when I’m texting, or on MetroWeb. The volume problem causes my keyboard to freeze and the only way to remedy that would be to press the end button which gets really annoying after a while especially when you’re in the middle of a long message and you have to either start the message over or stop to press the end button

  10. thesallygurl1 says:

    @deadhues yea tats wat i said too but like 3 months after it broke

  11. thesallygurl1 says:

    yo tat fone sucks i bought it twice and it broke two times

  12. Shinkelik says:

    that phone sucks it broke on me 3 times.DONT GET THAT PHONE IT WILL BREAK BY THE SCREEN.DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!

  13. kickbuttowski11 says:


  14. manchiano says:

    that was the first fone i ever got and its worst than a parapaligic trying to put on a wrist watch bt it was ok for my first fone.

  15. jcr557 says:

    Hey people, I made a fan page on facebook. Add me by looking for “John Concha -Ofiicial Fan Page”

  16. skylerEscoots11 says:

    one of the best phones ive ever had well then again i had the domino but this phone is actualy pretty cool and 60$ who wouldnt get this phone

  17. macdopelala says:

    do not buy this phone its a piece of shit

  18. deadhues says:

    I Went into the metro store, looked at phones for 2 mins, picked this one at random and I love it. I’m not picky n i don’t give a fuck. It does what it’s suppose to do, and I haven’t had any problems yet.

  19. wkimiko says:

    how good is the camera??