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metro pcs phones.

Posted on March/27/2015 | Categories: Videos 15 Comments

i show my unfortunate kyocera melo for metro, the box of past phone nokia, and the samsung messanger 2- unboxing http://www.youtube.com/user/Darthshaz.

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Darthshaz says:

    nope cant block anything on the phone, but im not too sure. thanks for the

  2. IanW820 says:

    @dcide323 u have to pay extra for pic messaging so… yes u can

  3. Darthshaz says:

    you can try to record music,but it wont come out good, and the phone dosn’t
    come with a usb that’ll work with it.

  4. Darthshaz says:

    yea i can, i sold that phone, but u can.

  5. Kenneth Shields says:

    this phone is like $30 at my local grocerie store lol

  6. Darthshaz says:

    i took the picture with my brothers phone( which has a camera) and sent it
    to my phone as a picture message. then i set it as my background.

  7. skatejoey says:

    i just got the melo and like it alot. of course i have a droid too but, its
    a good phone for when i work and go out and play

  8. Diego Moses says:

    i know how you can get backgrounds on the web on the melo

  9. activistapress says:

    how did you get a picture on the wallpaper?


    i just got a used keyocera melo n i was receiving ringtones from a friend n
    i duno how but its on silent???! i heard sum ringtones n then i guess i
    accidently switched it to silent sum how? how to i get it back to loud
    mode. i already tryd the side buttons!!

  11. TheCarlos114 says:

    I fee sorry 4 you haha!

  12. Brick Flair says:

    how much does it cost?

  13. vale g says:


  14. zebamarie says:

    @dcide323 i can but like sometimes it wacts weird and i cant 🙂

  15. TheNalgatronix says:

    @killa1452 the last four digits of your number