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Metro pcs ZTE Anthem review (This phone sucks)

Posted on September/27/2018 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

This phone is terrible DO NOT BUY THIS SHIT!

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Dallas Fan 214 says:

    Bro you ain't fuckin lying either

  2. Dtforever123 says:

    Fukin fukin fukin fukin fukin phone

  3. joshuasanchez2175 says:

    I hate zte anthem it SUCKS

  4. Jaime Hernandez says:

    Fuck no Lg optimus F3 is way better than the Lg optimus L9.

  5. Brad Martinez says:

    It sucks ass im going to get the lg L9 next week

  6. mastershane2k1 says:

    This phone does suck… I'm getting ready to use my warranty for the 3rd time. The screen keeps shimmering around the edges. Everything else about this phone is garbage. Only nice thing is the screen size and hdmi out.

  7. Raul Alvarez says:

    This phone blows! It don't screenshot !

  8. Courage Ekhaguere says:

    The camera is bad so just download camera mx ? I have the ZTE anthem and you can rotate it when. Watching YouTube video the only thing I right about Is the sound when you.call you.funny but the phone is not that bad lol

  9. Gus Alvarez says:

    Do a huawei premia review

  10. MrHampton59 says:

    I bought this mufukkin' piece of schizzy and HATE dis beeyatch!!! Metro needs to Call this schizzy back and ship em back to ZTE. Good review mank. Wish I saw it before this beeyatch got bought. I'm about to drown this schizzy…watch it float….die beeyatch!!!!!

  11. Se Bastian says:

    this phone sucks dick !!! Im returning it.