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MetroPCS Motorola Hint

Posted on June/14/2011 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments

MetroPCS Motorola Hint

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17 Responses so far.

  1. jocoby1616 says:

    @aguilademex01 samsung free form get it sturdy mp3 built in and cheap not no fancy touch slide shit but it definitly gets shit done

  2. JRisabeast09 says:

    i had this phone, but it fell and the screen got messed up 🙁

  3. aguilademex01 says:

    im trying to look for a metro phone with loud good quality sound so i can play my music does this phone have good sound quality? like wen u play songs with bass it doesnt sound all fuzzy because my aunt had a LG imprint and wen i played my songs that had a decent amount of bass the sound didnt mess up it was clear and yeah does this phone have good sound? because im going to either get Samsung Freeform 2 , Huawei M750 or Samsung Messager 3 (: oh yea does this phone have a 3.5mm headphone jack?

  4. tyra216 says:

    – i’m getting thiss phonee , tomorrow (:

  5. MrsJanai07 says:

    this is the best phone that i ever bought i miss this phone and i wish my store had it so i can buy it again

  6. kayyfunk says:

    @45PLAIN yes

  7. 45PLAIN says:

    is facebook on this fone good? can u watch youtube on it?

  8. 45PLAIN says:

    @Hiru45 the messenger 2 is an ok fone considering u can strictley only txt like 160 characters at a time….im getting the hint today.

  9. Hiru45 says:

    Is this a good phone or are the Samsung Messenger 2 and Huawei M735 better choices? By the way I’m a heavy txter so I’m pretty sure the M735 wouldn’t be great because it’s a resistive touch screen. But still tell me what you think please; I’m really leaning towards the Hint.

  10. RAMBO10366 says:

    its super small THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!

  11. kayyfunk says:

    @DWynter1993 yea its pretty good.. you will be pleased.

  12. DWynter1993 says:

    @kayyfunk Is reception good as well?

  13. kayyfunk says:

    @DWynter1993 listen ive had this phone for 1 year now.. it is really good .. trust me.. mp3 is amazing.. internet… aim and yahoo messenger is fast… speaker is really loud.. its right next to me right now 🙂
    its a great phone..

  14. kayyfunk says:


  15. DWynter1993 says:

    That is so SMALL!!!!! Who would suggest on buying that?Hmm? Anyone?

  16. pakchi87 says:

    crappiest phone ever

  17. MultiSkittles18 says:

    People try to type on mine and can’t do it. I colored the buttons a dark blue and can’t see the letters even with the backlight on!! Now people wont ask to use my phone anymore. 🙂