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metroPCS News- ZTE Score M, New! 03/16/12

Posted on December/27/2014 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

Hey guys this is boi2wonder here with some news about metroPCS. metroPCS intoduces the ZTE Score M. This is metroPCS’ first ZTE andriod. ZTE Score M: http://…

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19 Responses so far.

  1. boi2wonder says:

    @chevystaypretty Yes?

  2. septemberschannel says:

    @boi2wonder k thanx how come;o thanyou

  3. boi2wonder says:

    I agree

  4. Beba Colon says:

    which is bigger the admire or zte ? plzz im buying a new phone & im trying
    to figure out which one should i get .

  5. boi2wonder says:

    @floreilya In a way, Yes. The reason is because the ZTE Score M has a
    better build quality than Huawei devices.

  6. ajflames says:

    this phone or samsung galaxy attain? please help me choose

  7. Kagekid01 says:

    I love ZTE phones

  8. Mike136635 says:

    admire or zte?? plz help

  9. Mike136635 says:

    thankz bro

  10. Henry Vasquez says:

    Wat other phones r coming out? From metro

  11. Chevel Richards says:


  12. boi2wonder says:


  13. Hector Juarez says:

    Definetly the zte score is better,my brother has a sanding admire but I can
    always do more stuff that his phone isn’t capable of

  14. boi2wonder says:

    They are both the same size. But, the Samsung Admire is better.

  15. Jc C says:

    does metro pcs 3g for all the phones

  16. septemberschannel says:

    is this good imma get a phone soon either zte score m or samsung admire
    help someone answere please i want to make a god disicion c:

  17. Antoine Jackson says:

    Idk i think the admire and the wildfire is better

  18. boi2wonder says:

    @Mike136635 admire

  19. transformer013 says:

    Which One Is Bigger.??? Samsung Admire vs/ ZTE Score.? It Wuld Really Help
    If I Kneww.!!^__^