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Move Apps to sd card on a Maven 3

Posted on March/24/2019 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments

1. Launch the Settings app from the app drawer or the notifications shade.

2. Swipe all the way down and tap on ‘About phone.’
3. Scroll down in this menu as well and you should see an option called ‘Build number.’
4. Constantly tap on this option till you see a prompt on the display stating ‘You are now a developer.’
5. Now go back to the main Settings page and scroll all the way down once more.
6. You will see the new ‘Developer Options’ entry right on top of ‘About phone.’ Simply tap on it and start exploring what Google has packed in this time.
7.Enable “Force allow apps on external”

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17 Responses so far.

  1. Gameplay,Anime & mas ! A.M. says:


  2. Like app says:

    espanish versión please

  3. Richard Johnson says:

    Developer Options are found by Settings>About Phone>then find the Build Number line and tap it several times over and over. This will allow you to see Developer Options on your Settings list.

  4. Darrel3000 Sukhdeo says:

    It did NOT WORK on my maven 3, I have a 32gb card installed, followed your instructions burn luck, what gives!? You in NYC?

  5. FearlessASF says:

    What's up broke people.

  6. Carlo Farinas says:

    this helped a lot thank you

  7. Anthony Gensitskiy says:

    There's no developers options for me

  8. Tyler Finney says:

    I did this man, good video, everything worked out was able to clear close to GB from phone to SD, but now I'm not receiving any app notifications on SD or phone, can anyone please help. Yes notification settings are on. individual app notifications aren't blocked & do not disturb is off???

  9. DeaElisha 26 says:

    thank you this actually works for me

  10. Haitian Familly says:

    I have a little problem i need help

  11. SimplySadie says:

    Works like a charm

  12. Jrok Lane says:

    My phone isn't even listing the developer options

  13. Hallow_YT_ says:

    When I put apps on my SD card I won't be able to open it or use it, why does that happen?

  14. Emilie says:

    Mine works for a little bit but then it just won't let me download apps anymore

  15. Amber Griffin says:

    My phone doesn't have developer options

  16. Games Gyrl says:

    Thank You! It worked. Key for me was formatting SD card as internal.

  17. Ashley Poper says:

    It didn't work for me. I got the developer options fine, did the force too sd card, but no apps show the button to change the storage location. 😥