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My New Phone [ZTE Blade]

Posted on July/8/2010 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

Okk. So here is the list of apps. If you see one you would like me to make a video of tell me in the comments below: Abduction!, Alarm, Amazon Kindle, Androidify, Angry Birds, App Shop, Backup, Barcode Scanner , Bible, Brightest FlashLight, Calculator, Calender, Camcorder, Camera, Contacts,…

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6 Responses so far.

  1. majidahmed14 says:

    hey (: can i ask u what store you got that phone from cuz everywhere i luk ther out of stock lol

  2. ADreamySkyfromTess says:

    ORANGE :O That exists outside :O
    O____o This means I can call ?!? Because I have free mins in Orange.
    xD My phone is too from orange O_o

  3. Cockerspanial35 says:

    OMG my phone is from orange ;p

  4. ilovewebkinz211 says:

    I really love your phone!

  5. iLoveWebkinzx says:

    cool (:

  6. StaryyBlue182 says:

    wow, so cool!!
    You must be like obsessed with it at the moment xD
    I’m pleased for you:)