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My Review on the ZTE Adiment

Posted on January/28/2015 | Categories: Videos 11 Comments

Really Great Txting Messaging email and social network phone quick and easy.

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11 Responses so far.

  1. BirthdaycowHD says:

    thanks for trying to help, turns out the problem was just that i didn’t
    have a micro SD card.

  2. MrRspike says:

    U have to plug it in the computer and it will show a box that says synced
    music then u have to drag music in to there and sub and i will sub u and
    tell people about my videos

  3. BirthdaycowHD says:

    when i clicked open to view files there was nothing for music there, please

  4. MrRspike says:

    Yes u will need one of those

  5. MrRspike says:

    The only place u really can find cases for this phone is on ebay or amazon

  6. Myrna1212 says:

    where can i find clear hardcover for this phone i can not find it any
    where. thanks

  7. MrRspike says:

    OK u have to click connect to ur pc on your adiment phone then the synced
    file should pop up then u drag music from itunes or music files in to there

  8. ketter808 says:

    Its been roughly 4 months. How do you like it now?

  9. MrRspike says:

    um pretty good if u don’t have a data plane u cant go on the internet other
    then that is a great messaging phone

  10. Luke Lohse says:

    How is it now?

  11. MrRspike says:

    it is an Awesome Phone