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Netcomm 3G41WT (Telstra 4G Gateway) unboxing

Posted on April/14/2015 | Categories: Videos 9 Comments

Unboxing of the new Netcomm 3G41WT aka Telstra 4G Gateway. Cool device that lets you plug in a usb 4G modem and share it wired or wirelessly. Can be used as fail-over from your wired connection …

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9 Responses so far.

  1. MyTechHelperAU says:

    @sugeci We sell them in our ebay store at the moment. Which country are you
    in? They mainly support devices sold in Aust (however these are also sold
    OS (Sierra, ZTE etc.).

  2. sacd says:

    Do you have any more? They arent on your ebay store and your website is

  3. MyTechHelperAU says:

    Needs to be plugged in. If you need a wireless router with 4G that can be
    charged, i’d look at the Sierra 760s (also available in our ebay store).


    Does it keep a charge ? Or does it need to be pluged in at all times

  5. The Voice of TRUTH says:

    im in queensland 😉 thanks good video

  6. The Voice of TRUTH says:

    i have the 4 g wireless will it work with the nintendo wii to connect to
    the net too i had a d link router its junk :/ sorry all the questions ,
    what is the price ? thanks

  7. Joel Pickett says:

    Great, where do you get these?

  8. Joel Pickett says:

    @MyTechHelperAU I’m in Aust, I’ll have a look at your store

  9. MyTechHelperAU says:

    @stkildascott Expecting more tomorrow. Our website is taking a while to
    develop, so they’ll be in the ebay store as soon as I have them. Thanks for