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New Cricket ZTE Grand X Unboxing and Review

Posted on March/19/2016 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

This is the New Zte Grand offered by cricket. The phone is nice and has a big HD display! Overall the phone is pretty comparable to the ZTE Source but it is faster than the Source.


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19 Responses so far.

  1. Priscila Torres says:

    can you do a video on how to move apps to a sd card

  2. Jerry Castilleja says:

    how to unlock it

  3. Corissa Blue says:

    can you block people on the ZTE max? and how do you it

  4. Orlando Castillo says:

    dude. learn to speak

  5. Adrian Lockwood says:

    Do a video on the zte sonata 2 for eight minutes

  6. Joey Dawe says:

    can you do a video on the Microsoft lumia 640

  7. Christina Gregorczyk says:

    I need to know what apps I can disable and how to move apps on to the sd card. Only a few of my apps I downloaded move to sd card. Had to factory reset 2 times last night cuz I was not getting any service. Can you help me any on these issues?  Thank You

  8. Kenneth Hughes says:

    Look like the old black berry 

  9. Xavier Blanco says:

    How many gb does the internal memory have?

  10. Ryan TTC (Ryan Calculator) says:

    I own both the Source and Grand X you've mentioned in the video and description. :D

  11. Brent Roberts says:

    Great intro to the phone I would love for you to do a part 2 and go into more detail about the phone.

  12. Camila Troncoso says:

    What emojis does this phone have .😠😌

  13. Jeremy Penn says:

    Sid you the man!

  14. Shaye Cold says:

    I got this phone in October. The only thing I don't like is the ugly android emojis. Is there a way to make them look different?

  15. Rains Neoncore says:

    I literally feel like I'm listening to sid from Ice age. Js, Not being mean he just sounds like him alot.

  16. kingdomdrummer says:

    Can u please just get to the main point.. We know what comes in the box. We need to know software and how it runs. Explaining the volume rockers is stupid ..hard ware is self explanatory. How does the phone 📱 function, fast slow ,laggy ,what? Sorry its just irritating to get all that ..people need to see what software is like

  17. Lizz Aguirre says:

    Is there a hotspot on this phone ? As in like the internet can I share it with my laptop ?? Someone help please !!thank you 😀 !!

  18. Linda Haggen says:

    How do I move my apps to my SD card I'm having the hardest time with that 

  19. Benjamin Jackson says:

    When it will be a part 2