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Posted on April/24/2018 | Categories: Videos 19 Comments

This is the new cricket ZTE Sonata. The phone is really nice and seems like a durable phone. This is a new cricket phone from the aio. Cricket and AIO have merged so that is why there is a new refreshing logo.

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19 Responses so far.

  1. h i says:

    How do you get a sandisk memory card to work with this phone.I got a card for it today and I inserted it but its saying that I still don't have enough storage and it's a 32g memory card

  2. Anjie Is Dumb says:

    same phone but mine doesn't work it doesn't charge

  3. Logan Perron says:

    Anyone Know How To Root it I own the phone

  4. r1b1tz says:

    how do you turn on the Hot Spot option?  I could not find it in the user manual.

  5. Jergens Roberdeaux says:

    This same phone is for sale from ATT GoPhone as the ZTE Radiant for $29.99.

  6. butterfly29022 says:

    Do you know how to multi select pictures to send through e-mail? I just can't figure it out 😱!?

  7. EverythingBridal says:

    How do you delete messages in the Visual Voicemail

  8. Mylittleponykassy says:

    I got the phone in blue

  9. dj-knight says:

    Is this the same as the zte concord 2?

  10. cheetah empire says:

    My only problem is when iam talking to someone I keep hearing a beep like a minutes used notification,i just want it turned off,its very annoying.

  11. kkaywilson524 says:

    This is a nice phone. However, there are a lot of unnecessary apps preloaded, on the phone, no SD card and half the memory is taken up , by these apps. This is a total bummer. The store people used my Muve music SD card to download my personals (contacts and pictures). It loaded my contacts 4 times. Less than a hour later my phone started saying Storage getting low, constantly. I did delete the duplicated contacts, nothing changed. I cannot receive updates, of any kind. There is a large amount of memory on the phone used for media storage (music, pictures, etc). Where is this? Why can't I get to it, so I can either play it or delete it? The Cricket Store suggest a new SD card, but the problem is in the phone. Again, Where is this stuff stored on the phone????and why can't I get to it????

  12. Mina Z. says:

    Why the heck they removed muve music ? U could get many songs for ringtones from shazam on it. It was my favorite. So dissapointing.

  13. Berniece Valero says:

    I can't seem to move my apps to the SD card and my phone storage is already full is there away to move them?

  14. Christopher etter says:

    how is the battery life?

  15. Francis Alejo says:

    Can this phone support a 128GB SD micro card

  16. Francis Alejo says:

    Can this phone support a 128GB SD micro card

  17. Willy Rock says:

    Did cricket discontinue muve music?

  18. Willy Rock says:

    Did cricket discontinue muve music?

  19. Rick R says:

    I've read the entire instruction manual. Can't find screenshot instructions. Where are the screenshot instructions?