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NFS Shift running on ZTE Blade

Posted on November/28/2010 | Categories: Videos 17 Comments

Who said that the Blade’s hardware is weak?! 😀 Short Need for Speed Shift gameplay with a Mazda RX-8. Btw NFS is awesome. 🙂

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17 Responses so far.

  1. MRWHITE3535 says:

    where can i find games like this?

  2. mspamed says:

    @Tappotuoppi can you provide the link or site name where you found the instructions… I have already posted a thread on modoco no one replied… 🙁

  3. Tappotuoppi says:


    The latest Cyanogenmod 7 nightly build works perfect on Gen 2 blade. Ive had it running for some days now and no problems.

  4. mspamed says:

    @MrSaccco Thankyou for your time… will check modoco now…

  5. MrSaccco says:

    I’m not sure, but Swedish Spring is gen1/2, checkout modaco forums for more info.

  6. mspamed says:

    @Mr Saccco I have a zte blade gen 2 is there a rom that will work on it…

  7. MrSaccco says:

    Froyo + NFS 😀

  8. difstoffe says:

    how did you get this?????? :(((

  9. allessandrapotpot says:

    @PokemonBlackLP go to 4shared.com and download any android game there just put a .apk suffix. like need for speed.apk or dungeon defenders.apk. all android hd games are there

  10. MrSaccco says:


  11. majidahmed14 says:

    hey 🙂 r u running this on 2.1 or 2.2?

  12. MrSaccco says:

    I’m not sure, but I think the stock launcher won’t turn. Try another launcher, like LauncherPro, ADW, ADW EX, GO Launcher… etc

  13. PerroKiltrodeCombate says:

    I got just one question… how did you manage to have the main screen horizontal? It is because the custom rom? I istalled jellyfish too… but the main screen was still vertical!

  14. PerroKiltrodeCombate says:

    @G6Alpha OK.? XD I also live in Switzerland, and I got it too… and yeah, somewhere in the comments he said that he is using japanese jelyfish (froyo) you need to root your phone and install a custom ROM, search for modaco on google, ask, or whatever… You will get so much performance, that it will look like a diferent phone!

  15. MrSaccco says:

    Google ? 😀

  16. PokemonBlackLP says:

    Did you buy the game legitimately? If not, where’d you get it? I love my Blade :D!

  17. MrSaccco says:

    IMHO FLB roms are better.

    And the CyanogenMod 7 is also promising. 🙂