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NOVA on Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade)

Posted on June/16/2011 | Categories: Videos 3 Comments

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance from gameloft running on Orange SF. Unfortunately instead of menu there is a black screen, so you must know, where you have to click. This means no setting and so on, only running a game is quite tricky. Also instead of controls on the display ( D-pad, aiming, reload, pause,etc…) there are only black squares. Thats really a shame, but after all with a little patience you can play it.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. ElectricLightOrc says:

    I don’t know exactly where, you have to try it until there appears the right sound – some music, like the main theme and then the game appears. I myself don’t play it anymore, cause there are also missing some in-game controls, so it’s unplayable…

  2. elliotwilliamgrigor says:

    Where the hell do you click

  3. guitarboy995 says:

    I have the ZTE Blade too and it runs the same for me, but I have stock 2.1