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Nubia N1 Lite Review | too little, too Lite?

Posted on September/24/2018 | Categories: Videos 8 Comments

Review: Nubia N1 Lite

00:36 Design
03:19 Display
03:59 Sound
04:40 Performance
05:49 Battery
06:22 Software
07:15 Camera
08:16 Pros & Cons
09:06 Conclusion

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Surya Jeyasekaran says:

    You are a great reviewer love your genuine reviews

  2. jackalopefarm says:

    I've found this for 90$US now, using American frequencies too, which makes it very worth it – thanks for the review!

  3. Bharat Soni says:

    Thanks for video, is there voice mail setup option ?

  4. bigdog streamteam says:

    id take that phone tbh send it my way please 🙂

  5. Vishal sundararajan says:

    any other suggestions other than this device and redmi 4?

  6. Dilip Keshari says:

    Redmi 4 is better choice.

  7. Eltener123 says:

    Boogie said to go send love a smaller creator we love. So <3

  8. OTechTime says:

    Nice video bro. Yea this one is not bad. Maybe something I wouldn't use as a daily driver. Thanks for the incite