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Google’s Android has now overtaken the Apple iPhone 4’s iOS as the most popular smartphone operating system – but until recently, getting your hands on an Android phone was an expensive business. Not so any more. UK mobile provider Orange has released the Blade handset from Chinese maker ZTE as the Orange San Francisco – and you can get your hands on one for less than £100. TechBuff’s Darryl takes a look at what you get for your money. Facebook – www.facebook.com Twitter – www.twitter.com/DarrylTv

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15 Responses so far.

  1. JAMMYzai says:

    @pressure6666 definitely better

  2. thesk8freak says:

    is that the amoled version?

  3. facecrawl says:

    @pressure6666 I want this more, because you can update the andriod very easy, and you can use custom roms for games to run them faster and smoother 🙂

  4. pressure6666 says:

    is it better than the Lg optimus one?

  5. Subzerouk2 says:

    very easy to unlock too i switched over to three in seconds hate orange ive never been on their network ever didnt even take a look at their crappy services worst network ever

  6. Subzerouk2 says:

    my san fran has updated camera software the pictures look crisp and clear.The video on the otherhand is still very poor i love it to bits i dont think i will ever get another phone the san fran is brilliant

  7. sang3Eta says:

    Orange Alarm app is faulty you need to download DroidAlarm it’s the only one I’ve found that works!

  8. klaount says:

    @Sarngated my point is that Flash is not (yet?) compatible with Blade’s cpu so you can’t browse web flash regardless of the android version.

  9. Sarngated says:

    @klaount And your point ? Flash Video is by far the most stressful and inefficient implementation of flash, i browse fully flash websites just fine.

  10. klaount says:

    @Sarngated flash video != flash on webpages

  11. Sarngated says:

    @maarkryaan Not true, i have a ZTE Blade sat right next to me running Gingerbread (2.3) and it plays Flash video fine. I’m also using it on Vodafone. If you’re willing to install a custom ROM this phone is fantastic value.

  12. maarkryaan says:

    Unfortunatly it will never have flash 10.1 because of the processor :/

  13. miguelhp1 says:

    If it only had a 800Mhz processor…

  14. jelluzzfan says:

    @crazychristian28 That is strange, I’m running 2.1& my apps install on my SD card, I’m sure of it?

  15. crazychristian28 says:

    @jelluzzfan Cant as it runs android 2.1. Only way to move to SD is root the phone and install a 2.2 ROM.