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Orange San Francisco – A second look

Posted on July/3/2011 | Categories: Videos 20 Comments

Another look at the Orange San Francisco – the ZTE Blade. A very good handset for the money.

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20 Responses so far.

  1. sixinchnailsrecords says:

    Buying it today!!! xD

  2. MrSprocket1234 says:

    nice car

  3. ThePicassoo says:

    this is the cheepest smartphone that has more options aplications etc, than a other smartphone that costs 180 $

  4. bontso5 says:

    audi is best ! 😀

  5. subtalkformer says:

    @hyppykeppiorava good question… i hate pulling out my phone every time i wanna change tracks

  6. stig219 says:

    are u selling it

  7. hyppykeppiorava says:

    does it have any music buttons on the sides besides the volume buttons? because I’m a cyclist and I like to play music while I’m cycling but I wouldn’t like to dig the phone out of my pocket everytime I want to change the song… And yes I like to play music from my phone carrying eight billion different players is unpractical.

  8. dcdjsystems says:

    hands that talk!!!!!!!

  9. oneflowstudios says:

    @JustinCompSpec good not enough AMAZING

  10. JustinCompSpec says:

    Thumbs up if you think that phone is… GOOD

  11. moochincrawdad says:

    @LikeMe61 I owned a Wildfire for a few months and on the good side it has a very good 5mp camera with led flash, excellent build quality (aluminium rim surrounding the screen with a teflon infused rubberised plastic shell body – very resistant to scratching), plus it runs HTC Sense, arguably one of the best smartphone user interfaces alongside iPhone OS. But on the downside it has a slow 528MHz processor with no 3d graphics support and a QVGA low res screen – no such problems with the OSF.

  12. sulliswanton says:

    why are you in a car ?

  13. zibenish says:

    Ale masz podniete audi …

  14. ztefanboy says:

    Check out ztefans(dot)com, the zte fan forum

  15. AdannaG says:

    Many thanks for a very clear and informative video. I was pleasantly surprised to discover Orange San Francisco, as it has the majority of features found on Android smartphones costing £300+ but for under £100! As a phone’s display is important to me, I found that the capacitive OLED screen on the OSF is even better than my previously owned HTC Wildfire. I would say that the OSF is for those who wish to own a Samsung Galaxy S but without the hefty price tag! You will not be disappointed!

  16. AWITFC says:

    can you change the apps on the start screen

  17. AWITFC says:

    Do you live in a car?

  18. HaNdOm11 says:

    @joSeabass wicked same.

  19. vaffle83 says:

    @LikeMe61 I’ve had a Wildfire… I sold it after a month’s use… now i am waiting for my Blade… the main reason that i want the Blade is the good screenresolution, and it seem’s overall better than the wildfire… Do NOT buy the wildfire… it’s crap! I would have gone for the blade… (as i am doing) 😛

  20. LikeMe61 says:

    i have decaded to buy a mobile phone.Please tell me which is the better ?

    SanFransisco ? Why ?
    HTC WildFire ? Why ?

    Thank you.