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The San Francisco is a new budget range entry to Android available through Orange in the UK. I got this for £99 +£10 compulsary Top up. A full review will be avaialable on hemorrdroids.net within the next week.

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19 Responses so far.

  1. 99bahrain says:


  2. dhildel says:

    @Hemorrdroidsnet Shut up, cunt . . .

  3. Hemorrdroidsnet says:

    @dhildel Why would you do that when the title clearly says ‘unboxing’ and nowhere mentions review?

  4. dhildel says:

    Right I clicked on the video to watch the phone get reviewed and not the full on “box tour” . . .

  5. weirdnessofthem says:


  6. jamesflynn1999 says:

    dangeriusley low battey 🙁

  7. Nazhussain07 says:

    Optimus swift or this?

  8. carrotassasin says:

    this or Samsung galaxy ace or galaxy mini? 🙂

  9. mariusrinke says:

    read me first hmmm ……*throw away*

  10. TheSlickkid says:

    would you reccommend this over a motorola dext also on orange

  11. aXstA7 says:

    Cheers! 🙂

  12. LolzMan7756 says:

    @aXstA7 this phone absoolutely! much quicker, better interface and a superb screen, thou the x8 is smaller but its not as good as this =D

  13. SkyTubeHD says:

    Do you get anything in the box that you are showing us like 2GB memory Card , USB cable , Head Phones & All the main Orange information booklets ?

  14. Hemorrdroidsnet says:

    @aXstA7 Sorry, haven’t used the X8

  15. aXstA7 says:

    this phone or sony ericsson x8

  16. Hemorrdroidsnet says:

    @DerSelbstJustiz Sorry, I’ve not used the Boston.

  17. DerSelbstJustiz says:

    Wich phone is better the Orange San francisco or the orange Boston ?? pls reply ?

  18. DerSelbstJustiz says:

    Welches Handy ist besser das Orange Boston oder das Orange San Francisco .. pls antworten … ^^

  19. MrAndrewjs says:


    indeed, the phone has failed…