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Orange San Francisco II Review part 1

Posted on December/27/2014 | Categories: Videos 6 Comments

here you go guys, part one of the san francisco II review, i thought i’d get it up before my internet or my video editor crashes (which seems to be happening…

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Domenico james Lamberti says:

    well i’m glad i could help you

  2. MKnilrem says:

    good review, im getting this and putting a giffgaff sim in too, may i ask
    did you unlock it yourself or pay? and also i am a regular skype user so is
    the skype call quality good and support the front facing camera? thanks:)

  3. Domenico james Lamberti says:

    thanks for the running commentary Purav lol, thanks for watching bro, i
    appreciate it

  4. PlayClaner says:

    “It’s too big for my hands” thats what she said 😛

  5. Domenico james Lamberti says:

    as long as you have a custom recovery installed, follow the guide on modaco
    the modaco forums for the crescent -Mobile-Dom

  6. Purav D says:

    This was quite a good review mate, I’m only 2 mins in so far, the lower
    thirds you have are good but a bit hard to read until they fade out, maybe
    change the colour? Lol mahoosive 😛 Lol rant coming, this should be good
    haha, ah that’s quite cool that you can take out the card without turning
    off the phone, hmm class 10 micro sd cards do have issues with phones I’ve
    heard, the s2 back cover is horrible lol, I’ll mention that in my review,
    overall nice vid, keep up the great work 🙂